Where to Win Prizes Online

Everybody loves to win free prizes. It’s fun and it makes us feel good. You’re number 1 out of the thousands (possibly millions) of people that entered. You came out on top and won the prize! Go you!

Here are some other giveaway websites that we think you will enjoy. Although we specialise in natural & organic giveaways, most of these websites do not. That does not mean that they aren’t great. There are lots of great prizes out there to be won and we would love to help you find them. These are websites that we use on a regular basis and personally approve of. All of these websites accept submissions as well and are great places to promote your contest.

  • Contestgirl.com – A well organised directory of giveaways updated daily with lots to choose from.
  • Contest Canada – This is the place to go to find giveaways open to Canada
  • Reddit Giveaways – An entire subreddit dedicated to giveaways. Updated multiple times. There are always tons of giveaways to be found. We find lots of organic giveaways here.
  • Reddit Sweepstakes – Very similar to the giveaways subreddit with a lot of the same giveaways
  • Any Lucky Day – This website doesn’t have quite as many giveaways as the others but there are still lots to choose from and some really great prizes to be won.
  • Canadian Contests & Giveaways – This is a linky style site where users fill out a quick form at the bottom of the site and their entry is added instant. Always lots of great giveaways here. All giveaways are open to Canadians.
  • Sweeties Sweeps – a High traffic giveaway directory.
  • Sweepstakes Max – A very well organised, easy to navigate contest, giveaway and sweepstakes directory