How to Host a Giveaway on your Blog

How to - How to Host a Giveaway on your Blog


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get more people to visit and subscribe to your blog? You will definitely want to consider hosting a giveaway! Hosting a giveaway on your blog is a great way to gain more viewers and give back to your loyal fans and followers. I have put together some simple tips and instructions on how to host a giveaway on your blog.

Decide what the prize(s) will be

The very first thing that you will want to do is choose what kind of prize or prizes that you will be giving away. If you run a niche blog you could choose something related to your niche. If you run a beauty blog, give away one of your favourite skin care lines. If you run a healthy eating blog consider giveaway a prize pack of healthy organic snacks. If you’re looking for some ideas, have a look through our site. If you promote it well, whatever you choose to giveaway will be successful. If this is your first giveaway, you will likely have to fund this giveaway yourself. Once you have become more established, companies may be willing to sponsor your giveaway prizes.

Work out the details

Before you even consider setting up your giveaway, you will want to work out the details. Take a few minutes to write up the rules & regulations for your giveaway. Decide which countries will be eligible to enter, when your giveaway will begin and when it will end. I suggest you run your giveaway for at least two weeks if not more. Don’t run it for too long because people may lose interest and forget about the giveaway all together. If you’re funding the giveaway yourself you may want to limit your giveaway to your country as shipping costs can be high to countries outside of your own.

Choose a platform or widget to host your giveaway

You will now want to choose which widget/platform you will use to host your giveaway. Some bloggers just have people complete tasks and then leave comments saying that they have completed said tasks but this is time consuming for your entrants and they’re more likely to leave and move on to different giveaways. Lots of sites have popped up over the past few years with great widgets that make running your giveaway super simple. Rafflecopter is one of the first and by far the most popular widget for running giveaways. You could also use Giveaway Tools, Gleam, PromoSimple, Woobox, etc. Blogging Wizard has an excellent list of promotional tools for hosting giveaways. Entrants will be asked to complete tasks such as liking your blogs Facebook page, following on Twitter, subscribing to your newsletter, subscribing to your Youtube page, following your blog on Instagram, etc. Some widgets even allow for custom entry tasks.

Find hosting a giveaway intimidating? Join a group giveaway!

Hosting your own giveaway can be time consuming and quite frankly, a little intimidating. If you find the task just a little too daunting but still want to gain free traffic to your site consider joining in on a group giveaway. Often times popular blogs will put together big giveaways that include other bloggers. Sometimes they will provide the prizes, other times you will be asked to provide your own. Crayons & Cravings has a link up full of blogger opportunities to join group giveaways that I highly recommend you check out.

Promote your Giveaway

Now that your giveaway is all set up and running, you will want to start promoting it. You won’t get as many entries if you don’t promote. Start off by sharing on all of your blogs social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc). You should then start submitting your giveaway to giveaway directories. If you’re hosting a natural, organic or green giveaway, you will want to submit your giveaway to us for free. Reddit Giveaways & Sweepstakes subreddits are very popular places to gain lots of traffic to your giveaway. We have also put together a list of places to promote your giveaway. Another excellent place to list your giveaways is on blog giveaway linky’s. Linky’s are a quick, free way to promote your blog. Your link is posted instantly and doesn’t need to be approved. Living Well Mom has a huge list on giveaway linky’s that you should check out. Share your giveaway on as many sites as possible but focus on ones that are proven to convert.

Contact the winner and send out their prize

Once the giveaway has ended you will want to choose a winner. If you’re using a giveaway widget the widget will choose a winner for you. You will then need to contact them congratulating them on winning and obtaining their mailing information. If the winner does not contact you within a few days you will want to consider choosing a new winner. Once you have your winners mailing information, you should box up their prizes and send them off to the winner. You could include a short thank you note in the package with their prize.


I hope you found these tips helpful!

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