Clay Cookware – Healthy, Green and Vegan

Clay Cookware – Healthy, Green and Vegan
By Sharon Ray

For too long we have been living in a world where consumerism dominated everything. Manufacturers and marketers stopped at nothing to make their products more appealing and sell-able. Recently, however, the few, inaudible voices of a couple of environmentalists here and there were joined by more and more people around the world until they become one, unified front and started one of the biggest eco-friendly trend ever. So now it’s not just about food and labels and produce or ingredients, it’s also about the products that we use and how they affect our health and our environment at the same time.

Pure-clay pots – the health aspect

As mentioned above, when people now think about eating healthy, it’s not just about the food they buy, but also the cookware they use. This is because more and more studies have been conducted and more discoveries have been made with regards to the effect of cookware on the actual food. It has been proven that metal cookware is reactive and much of the metal molecules and chemicals, therefore toxins, leach into the food. So, even if you’re buying whole foods and the best produce available, you’re still putting toxins inside your body if you are cooking in metal pots and pans. Now, pure clay cookware is all made from 100% natural clay, with no additives and no glazing. Clay is inert and won’t react with your food.

Pure-Clay pots – the green aspect

Clay is not mined, it’s harvested. Manufacturers of pure clay cookware don’t have to strip lands or lay them barren to get their raw material for products. Not only that, but clay pots and pans can last you decades, so wastage is far less. Even when their time is up, clay goes right back into earth, as these pots are 100% biodegradable.

When cooking with this cookware, regardless of what dish you’re making or what recipe you follow, you can do all your cooking at low to medium heat. There is never the need to turn up your stove or oven, which makes these pots a lot more energy efficient.

Pure clay cookware – the vegan aspect

Being a vegan basically means consuming food and using products that are sourced without the destruction of the environment and its eco-systems. As said above, pure clay pots are made from harvested clay and their manufacturing process consists of throwing them on a pottery wheel, so no destruction of the environment is involved. In addition, because they are naturally non-stick and basically work like a steamer or pressure cooker, you can make all your recipes without using oil or animal fats at all, so you can keep up with your vegan ways easily.

By choosing to cook in this kind of clay cookware you’re choosing clean and earth friendly cookware for the benefit of your health and vegan lifestyle.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is an All-american company that makes 100% Healthy, Green & Non-toxic cookware. They are America’s 1st pure clay cookware makers and their pots and pans are individually handcrafted without using ANY chemicals, metals, glazes, additives, extenders or toxins. It’s purer than the food grown today! These are the only pots that can cook without destroying the foods nutritional cells and without adding any toxins/chemicals into the food (traditional cookware leach heavy metals, chemicals, inorganic oxides all of which are toxic in the body).

MEC is the 1st cookware to be made from 100% tested pure-clay.

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