About Us

Natural Giveaways (formerly Go Natural! Giveaways) started in 2012 when we saw that there were a lack of websites providing users with ways to find giveaways, coupons & deals which are good for the environment and their health. Organic and healthy products are often expensive and out of many peoples reach. We have designed a website that is simple and easy to navigate making it easy for you to find and win eco-friendly, organic and natural prizes that you otherwise may not be able to afford on your own. Our goal is to scout the web for prizes which are good for you and the earth and present them in an easy to understand format. Aside from giveaways, we also have tons of coupons for organic, natural and healthy products plus hot organic deals.


*Disclaimer* Most of the giveaways found on Natural Giveaways are not hosted by us and we claim no responsibility for them. Occasionally you will find a giveaway here that is hosted by us and we will state that. All images are property of their respective owners and do not belong to Natural Giveaways.